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Tiny Home Insurance

Good news for tiny house owners -- more options coming to insure your home!

static1.squarespace.comDarrell Grenz Insurance Agency of Portland Oregon is wanting to expand his tiny house insurance policy to be available in more states. Currently the tiny house policy is only offered in AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR and UT, but Darrell wants to expand to as many other states as possible. Go to the new Tiny House Insurance website and fill out the form to let his company know that you need coverage in your state. They promise to do their best to get access to as many new states as possible.

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Want more?

We've written a detailed account of our process getting both auto and tiny house homeowners insurance. Click here to read the details.

About Darrell Grenz Insurance

We are a full service independent insurance broker located in North Portland, Oregon. We believe that value and service is more important than price. Our agency was founded in 2004 so we have plenty of experience to suit your needs.

(503) 206-6736

5651 N. Lombard St
Portland, OR 97203

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2 comments on “Tiny Home Insurance”

  1. Thanks for posting this! Ever since I heard about the tiny home movement I wondered about whether they can be insured. It seems like they cost quite a bit of money to build, so I would want to know that it would be covered in case of an accident. It's good to know that there are insurance companies that will cover tiny homes. Knowing that makes me feel like I can finally have my own tiny home built.

  2. I called your phone number and your mailbox is full? If you are a real insurance company why is your mailbox full.
    I live in Reno Nevada. My name is Kelly. I’m looking for insurance on my tiny home that is built and I am living in