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Tiny House Inspiration: April 2018

Though not "tiny," this small Japanese home by Life Style Koubou is really stunning in it's simplicity! The use of natural wood inside and out feel great, don't you think?

The ZEN DEN may be a perfect solution for those looking for a beautiful, minimlist studio space or very small home. These come made-to-order if you don't want to build your own tiny.

The Swallowtail Tiny House on Wheels by The Tiny House Company out of Australia has such a great design and a really clean, beautiful look due to the great materials choices and impeccable styling. The butterfly roof and exterior design is great too!

The "Corneila" by New Frontier Tiny Homes is an exceptional tiny house and writing studio created for author Cornelia Funke. A contemporary design mixed with more rustic materials gives it a unique look and feel.

Urban Tiny House on Wheels by TruForm Tiny is massive by tiny house standards, at 28 feet with a bumpout! Take a look inside for a truly gorgeous mix of materials and furnishings. Well done!

This preview of The Clifton tiny house shown at the Northeast Tiny House Expo really got me interested. Don't you love those sea green/blue colors used inside? So fresh!

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