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Tiny House Workshop in Portland, Oregon -- July 2-3

Please join me and 3 other expert presenters for the Tiny House Collaborative Tiny House 101 Workshop in Portland OR! This workshop will help you decide if tiny living is right for you and how to go about creating your tiny dream home. We'd love to share with you all the knowledge we have to empower you to create a life of freedom!

Location: Portland, Oregon
Date: July 2-3, 2016

Early Bird tickets now available - save $50 if you register by May 15th

Tiny House 101 Workshop, Portland OR, July 2-3

2 full days of presentations, hand-on activities and tours! Learn the basics of how to build a tiny house and decide whether tiny house living is for you. With a cap on 40 participants and 4 experts as instructors, your experience is guaranteed to be unique, intimate and informative.

4dc0543c-5ebc-40f1-a38e-73631a597f8aSpecial Bonus

On Sunday we’ll be touring Simply Home Community, a tiny cohousing community. You’ll get to tour three tiny houses on wheels, as well as the Big House, the garden & woodshop.

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What are past attendees saying?

“This workshop was everything I expected and more. I am now even more certain of my dreams to live tiny and can’t wait to get started.” – DC Workshop participant

“This was one of the best workshops I have attended. You all were AWESOME. The workshop was extremely informative, thoughtful, funny, and hands on.” – DC Workshop participant

Topics include:

  • Intro to tiny houses & “Is tiny right for you?”
  • Major decisions overview
  • Planning your build – budget, construction, DIY
  • Intro to tiny house design & design exercises
  • Framing & basic building techniques
  • Plumbing, electrical & propane systems
  • Toilet & gray water options – composting and more!
  • Thermal envelope – insulation and ventilation
  • Zoning issues, regulations – how and where to park or build
  • Layout considerations and design tricks
  • Lifestyle design – appliances, pets, relationships and more!

Your Expert Presenters

Each of your instructors built and live in their own tiny houses and have many years of experience in tiny house design, construction, zoning, community formation, utility systems, financing, lifestyle, downsizing, and more.

TINY HOUSE collaborative team

  • B.A. Norrgard (A Bed over My Head)
  • Lee Pera (Boneyard Studios)
  • Lina Menard (Niche Design and Consulting)
  • Alek Lisefski (The Tiny Project)

We can't wait to share with you all that we know about how to make tiny living work for you. Join us in Portland!

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Register now for Early Bird Discount

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