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Tiny Project featured on Redfin's "Expert Tips to Downsize"

We're proud to be featured on Mike Cahill's recent downsizing article on From the article:

Downsizing can be an exhausting process – both mentally and physically. However, taking the time to consolidate or clear out those old, unused items sitting around your home can also be liberating. The goal of downsizing is to rid yourself of the things you don’t need while keeping what you do need. Though this sounds like a simple process, it’s usually not. There’s a fine line between knowing what you need versus what you want which is why we reached out to the experts in minimalism, from Sacramento to Miami, to provide you with some helpful tricks to get you started. Whether you’re looking to move into a tiny home, van, or just trying to optimize your current space, we believe these expert tips will guide your downsizing journey.


The article includes tips in the following areas:

  • Knowing your “why”
  • Identifying needs versus wants
  • Pareto’s Principle (the 80/20 rule)
  • Quality over quantity
  • Optimizing your storage
  • Getting creative with the space you have
  • Taking advantage of multi-purpose items
  • Focusing on functional systems
  • Going Digital
  • No room for materialism

And here's my advice included in the section on "Tips for moving into a smaller space with a partner, kids, or pets"

Choosing to live a smaller, simpler life with your partner is often a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience. My advice: don’t expect a tiny house to fix anything in your relationship; what it will likely do instead is to intensify everything. To be successful, it takes an increased focus on good, honest communication and kindness, moment to moment, to make sure each of your needs is met. This means designing your house (or lifestyle) to be sure both of you have the physical space (and time to yourselves) needed to thrive. If done with care, a shift to a smaller (even tiny house) lifestyle can bring you both more joy, intimacy and freedom.

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