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Introducing the Tiny House Collaborative!

I'm really excited to finally be able to announce the launch of the Tiny House Collaborative.

6 dear friends and I are out to change the world of housing — to create a shift towards more sustainable, well designed, human-scale dwellings.  Here's a bit of our story and what we hope to accomplish. If you're interested in talking with us, please use the contact form at


How it Started

We all met at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree and instantly came to the same conclusion. There was so much excitement and possibility in the tiny house movement — so much need for education and outreach. We knew we didn’t need yet another tiny house business just trying to make a buck on the growth of tiny house popularity. Instead, we wanted to offer a place for more resource sharing and more connectedness! The word “synergy” described our vision perfectly: the interaction of elements that when combined is greater than the sum of its parts.

We’ve seen countless friends and colleagues try to offer tiny house products and services alone. But we have a different idea. Collectively, no collaboratively, we can contribute much more. Clearly, our combined knowledge and skills vastly outweighs that of any of us individually. By coming together, we can offer a much better, more comprehensive educational experience for all the workshop attendees and consultation clients we interact with.

This tiny house movement is about connection — at the Tiny House Collaborative we embody that!


The Tiny House Collaborative is an affiliation of designers, educators, and community advocates. We empower individuals and organizations to transform their communities and cities through innovative housing and lifestyle choices. We advance personal and collective resiliency by providing the resources to design, build and dwell efficiently.


  • We empower each other and others to redefine home
  • We shift perspectives and transform the status quo in healthy ways
  • We model a resilient way of living that goes beyond minimizing environmental impact to support social justice and shared economy

Our Experience

Our tiny house experience spans the United States — from California and Oregon, Minnesota and Texas, to Washington DC and Florida. Many of us designed and built our own tiny houses — a majority of us live full-time in tiny houses right now.

We are experienced in tiny house design, construction, community creation, lifestyle coaching and downsizing, choosing and sourcing materials, tiny house appliances, towing, travel, and just about any other tiny house related topic you can think of!

Collectively we’ve taught tiny house workshops all across the country, have talked before zoning boards and city counsels, have consulted with countless individuals on tiny house design and lifestyle, and are passionate about continuing to serve the tiny house community however we can.

We teach workshops, offer one-on-one consulting, sell tiny house plans and guides, and offer resources for building and community creation. Join us for a weekend or just an hour, and let us share with you all that we have learned about tiny houses and what it takes to lead a successful and happy life in a smart, human-sized dwelling of your own.

For more info about the Tiny House Collaborative, please visit their website at

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