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Introducing your 1-stop shop for the best tiny house plans available

We're really excited to share a brand new tiny house resource that will make comparing and choosing the best tiny house plans so much easier. The new website is now live and the Tiny Project plans are featured on the site.

Before this launch, there was no central site from which to browse for tried-and-true plans, making this search sometimes tedious and time consuming. Their curation process is intensive and only those tiny house plans which meet their strict safety and quality standards make the cut. We're honored to be included, but more importantly we want to share this with you as we think it's a really important resource that's been needed for a long time. Read more below...

There are a ton of high quality designers who’s plans you’ll find on (myself included!): Macy Miller, Dee Williams, Alek Lisefski, Vina Lustado, Ethan Waldman, Teal Brown, Andrew & Gabriella Morrison, Derin Williams, Dot & Byron Fears, Jon Michael Ahrends, and more. The list of available plans will continue to grow!

The team is comprised of Andrew & Gabriella Morrison (designers of the hOMe tiny house) and BA Norrgard (from These three live, sleep, and breathe tiny houses and through their experiences in both building and living in tiny houses, they know what makes a set of tiny house plans high quality and safe to build from. I trust their judgement 100% in only offering the best plans available, so anything you get off is guaranteed to be of very high quality, time tested by others who've also built from the plans.

But that's not all! Perhaps the best reason of all to buy plans from is that you’ll find each and every set listed at 5% less than elsewhere on the web, including on our own website! 

So if you’re ready to turn your tiny house fantasies into reality, click on THIS link to gain access to the largest resource for tiny house plans out there! You won't be disappointed!

All the best,

Alek Lisefski
The Tiny Project

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