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Podcast: How Tiny House Living can Shape Your Relationships, Career, and Life with Alek Lisefski

Recently I had the pleasure to take part in Ethan Waldman's tiny house podcast series. It was a lot of fun to talk about my experiences, and how tiny living has shaped my life, even though I have now moved to a new country and have sold the tiny house. Scroll down to read more and to listen...

Here's how Ethan summarizes the episode:

Alek designed and built his 8x20′ tiny house in 2013, and lived in it for 3.5 years before selling everything and moving to New Zealand for his next adventure! Alek believes a tiny house goes far beyond its 4 walls and a roof, and is only part of a conscious personal choice to live in a more simple and sustainable way.

Many people are drawn to tiny house living for the financial benefits, but living tiny has a way of changing the way you look at everything in your life, and that was no different for Alek. It's had a lasting effect even though he no longer lives in a tiny house.

“Forcing yourself to simplify your belongings then makes you question what else in your life is more or less important, and how you can shift things in order to be happier.” – Alek Lisefski

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