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The Tiny Project is moving to Austin (I need your help)!

Hi friends!

I'm in need of your help! In a very quick turn of events (a woman, of course), I've decided to pack up and move the tiny house to Austin, TX. In order to get my tiny house out of it's current (potentially soggy) spot before NorCal rainy season hits, I have to act fast. So, I'm looking for a place to park/live in Austin starting as early as November 1st.


Please, please share this post with your friends and help me find a spot to call home for this next, big life adventure! I can't do this alone!

View all the details here

And please contact me if you have any leads!

Here's a quick rundown:

Our ideal parking spot would be as close to downtown Austin as possible, in a quiet residential neighborhood, preferably within biking distance to groceries and another amenities in town. We are open to any location in the Austin area, either tucked in a back yard somewhere, or in a emerging tiny house community.

What we need

We would love to become part of a community and happy to contribute to improve the area in which we live. Aside from some nice people who love the tiny house concept and want to help us out, we need a few specific things:

  • Simple water hose hookup for fresh water into the house
  • Standard 110 volt extension cord hookup to power the house (from the main house or existing utilities)
  • A place in which we can build a french drain or other on-site graywater filtration/drainage (or a tree we can water!)
  • A very small corner of the yard for a simple, well-maintained compost pile
  • Broadband internet router to which I can connect a cat-5 cable (from the router in the main house, back to the tiny house, as wifi most likely won't reach that far)
Contact Me if interested in hosting us or creating community?
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