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Tiny House Systems offers custom, on-site tiny house construction

Through his company Tiny House Systems, Gary Bute, who helped with systems design and consulting on the Tiny Project house, is now offering custom tiny house building services!

If you are you wanting the very best ultra-custom tiny house on wheels look no further! We are now building tiny homes for well qualified owners wanting absolute perfection.  After touring 100's of THOW's, designing over 50 plus homes and performing service calls on other "builders" THOWs over the last four years we are ready to serve your construction needs.

Interview with Gary Bute about Custom THOW construction

I recently interviewed Gary about his new service, and here is what he had to say:

Alek: So cool that you are now offering on-site building! Tell me a little more about it.

Gary: After a design is approved for construction THS will select a building for inside construction and contract with local construction professionals. I will be on-site to assist and review all aspects of construction from purchasing the trailer to the final inspection is approved.

Example wall framing diagram by Tiny House Systems

Alek: In your own words, what makes you different than other tiny house builders?

Gary: There are several really great custom THOW builders that have surfaced in the past 4 years. I have advanced knowledge regarding the home electrical, lighting, solar and HVAC systems compared to most, along with four decades of custom home building experience.

Alek: How are projects managed and how can a customer be assured of high quality work? How often will you personally be on site at the build?

Gary: I will be at the project daily to manage, install systems and oversee contractors building our clients' home. I'll be there all day, everyday, as I will be living in my RV at the project site.

Alek: How is it that you can afford to build on site when so many others build in their own workshop/factory and then deliver to the site?

Gary: All homes are built on site except for modular. Construction companies are accustom to driving to the project daily and this is no different.

Example systems design by Tiny House Systems

Alek: What are the benefits to building on location?

Gary: Reduced energy and a small carbon footprint to transport the finished product to the clients location. Our clients see the progress and where their money is going daily. Clients have the ability to assist in the project easier.

Alek: How do your prices for a custom construction compare to some of the other good builders out there?

Gary: Our construction fees are around the same as other quality builders in the $350 to $600 range per sq foot. Building at the owners location may effect the cost depending on many factors.

A 8.5 x 30 ft home is 255 sq ft with an average cost of $144,750 for a home rated from -20 to 120 degrees. Our products are comparable to the THOWs build by Tiny Idahomes, Utopian Villas or Tiny Heirloom. Our THOW construction will be certified by Pacific West Tiny Homes. All homes will have an instruction manual and personal instruction on system operations.

Example tiny house floorplan by Tiny House Systems

Alek: Anything else you want people to know about what you offer?

Gary: THS now has a builders assistance service to provide information to DIYers and business in or entering the THOW business. This is a audio/video connection for real time assistance to keep their project moving.

We are now offering arbitration between home buyers and THOW builders to resolve construction and financial issues.

We have also resumed producing architectural type drawings and designs.

If you wish to learn more or are interested in contacting Gary to get started, please check out his website,

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One comment on “Tiny House Systems offers custom, on-site tiny house construction”

  1. Thanks Alek for being our first tiny house client many years ago! It is still a pleasure to work with you after all this time 🙂