Tiny Project SketchUp File


This SketchUp file was used to create the Tiny Project Construction Plans. The model was created to the exact same specifications as the original Tiny Project house featured on this site. This product DOES NOT include the full PDF plans — it only includes the SketchUp file.

Though this model does not include all of the dimensions, notes, materials list, systems design, and floorplan layouts of the Full Construction Plans, purchasing the SketchUp File by itself is a great option for someone wanting to use the Tiny Project house as starting point, but who wants to make major changes to the design to create their own plans.

The SketchUp model included can be edited however you wish.

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Save hundreds of hours when you purchase this SketchUp file!

Countless hours of research, planning, consulting, drafting, and reworking went into the design of this one-of-a-kind house. The price of this SketchUp model is a bargain, considering the hundreds of hours you can save if interested in building this house or a house of similar design.

Professional contractors, electricians and plumbers were consulted to create these plans.

What a beautiful little home. I love seeing the personal creativity that goes into making your very own tiny home" – Rachel

Author: Alek Lisefski