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9 things you need to safely tow, park, and level a tiny house

Many factors are involved in safely towing a tiny house on wheels. Most important, of course, is the design of the house itself. This post will focus on specific safety items and tools you’ll need to tow and park a house, and will touch on some important design considerations as well. I’ve already written extensively, describing in detail my two long towing trips (2,000 miles each) and everything I did to prepare. Please read the two posts below as well to get all the details not included in this post. Towing a Tiny House (from California to Texas) Our Tiny […]

Ford F350 towing the Tiny Project tiny house

Towing a Tiny House (from California to Texas)

In 2013, the Tiny Project house took its maiden voyage from Iowa to California. We documented that trip, with plenty of tiny house towing tips in Part 1 and Part 2 of our Tiny House Towing Adventure. Now, 2 years later, we’ve relocated to Austin Texas, adding another 1900 (hard earned) miles to our towing experience. Towing the tiny house this distance was NOT easy. Unlike 2 years ago, we avoided bad weather this time, but instead were struck with some trailer brake and tire issues that added a couple days (and stress) to our journey. We hope our experience […]


Trailer is finished: boards removed

Last week I once again inched closer to beginning construction. On Friday I picked up my finished trailer! Now she’s been painted, and wiring, lights, decals and pinstripes have been added. She’s currently resting at home, awaiting for my interior build space to be ready. The next morning, after picking her up, I removed most of the boards from the trailer deck, as they won’t be needed, and will just add extra weight to the finished house. I left a few to bolt into to attach the sub floor to the trailer from the bottom. Those left will also support […]

Sketch of South wall framing

Progress update: trailer, systems design, indoor build space & materials quotes

The past couple of weeks have been very busy, though I haven’t started building yet. Here’s what’s happened in Tiny Project land: Trailer I visited Mac-Lander in Milton, IA to see my trailer as it was being constructed and to discuss a few options to complete it with my desired modifications. We decided on the addition of 3 feet of steel frame off the rear of the trailer so that the lights can be moved to the back and will not be covered by a cantilevered porch overhang. They will also be adding some custom brackets (as discussed here) to […]


Progress Update: ordered Mac-Lander trailer!

Another major step in getting closer to starting my tiny house build: I placed and order for a custom trailer today! The manufacturer I ordered from is Mac-Lander. I want to use as many local products as possible, and Mac-Lander is just a very short drive from me, in Milton, IA. For anyone interested, another good Iowa manufacturer is Stateside Trailers. I would have used them, as they were helpful in answering my questions via email, but they are farther from me (SW Iowa) and needed 5 weeks instead of 4 to get the trailer built. Update: It turns out […]

click to enlarge - custom bracket diagram

Tiny House Trailer Specs and Mods

I’m shopping for trailer quotes from manufacturers in Iowa, and realizing it’s somewhat difficult to convey exactly what I need. For anyone interested, here’s my list of desires in a custom trailer. Dual-axel, flatbed Total width (including wheels) of 8 feet – frame/deck width approx 82″ 20 foot long deck (or 22′ or 24′) 10,000 or more GVWR (2 5k+ axles) Electric breaks and lights Drop-axel for approx. 18″ deck height (instead of standard 20″-24″) No dovetail, ramps, side rails, or any other features (wood decking is even optional) Now here’s the tricky part, something I realize I may have […]