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Foamy foam foam! (a closed-cell miracle)

This last week was a great one. In preparation for having spray foam installed this weekend, I had a few odds and ends to wrap up before they were forever locked in. I tested all switches and outlets to make sure my electrical system was solid. I also added some blocking to give myself more surface area to screw into when installing kitchen cabinets, shelving, and my wall-mounted bathroom hand sink. Once done I did my best to document the electrical and plumbing systems with the following photos.   The exterior of the house got that much closer to finished […]

Porch decking!

Cedar siding and a test-run tiny house move

There’s been a lot of visible progress in the last couple weeks. Here’s a quick recap: Once the metal panels were done, I had an amazing local woodworker (Duncan MacMaster — amazing guy, incredibly skilled and experienced) get started on the cedar siding while the house was still in its warehouse location. It was incredibly excited to get some cedar on the walls. I could start to see the fruition of my planning and materials resourcing coming together before my eyes! I won’t get into all the details here, but I had been waiting almost 2 months for my replacement […]

Looking back

Wall panels done! – ready for cedar siding.

All the metal wall panels are now in place, along with the various “C” and “Z” flashings needed around windows and the vertical and horizontal edges of the metal. On each long wall of the house, 8 of the 20 feet is covered with a vertical band of metal roofing material in order to break up what I think would be too much cedar monotony without. I really love the way it looks! It’s a great modern/industrial compliment to the warm-toned cedar siding that will cover the rest of the house. It was much more work than expected getting each […]

trim detail

Corners and other trim, plus…roofing is almost done!

Hello everyone! I’m back with more great progress on the Tiny Project house. Here’s what happened this week. As soon as I got my siding other trim pieces, I began installing those right away. Fascia boards went up first to prepare for the roofing process, and then I started with some corners and trim around the my outdoor storage box. This took a lot of attention to detail and careful cutting. Little did I know at the time, that most (or, in some cases, all) of the beautiful fascia would be covered up by roof flashing pieces. To help speed […]

North wall

Electrical almost done + finally starting roofing and siding!

More good progress on the Tiny Project house this past week. Thanks to a very long day of work from a great local electrician (and now friend), Brian, we’ve got almost all of the electrical work done. You may remember from near the beginning of the process that I put many of the wires in the floor, so getting everything hooked up now was lot easier since we didn’t need to run many new wires through the walls. The most complicated part was probably wiring the 3 tripple-gang switch boxes, including 4 3-way switches. But thankfully I left all that […]

exhaust fan

All kinds of misc. Tiny Project progress

The past couple weeks have been a lot of things: delays and switching gears, mainly. I’m still waiting on my roofing and siding to arrive, so in the meantime I’ve been doing everything I can to get the house ready for siding. I’ve also had to focus much of my attention inside the house as I wait to finish up the exterior. Here are some of the things accomplished recently. I built all of the interior walls (except for one part that will need to be removable for laundry machine servicing). This included some funky construction to allow wall space […]

Yucky foam stuff but works well

Porch roof, storage box, wheel well boxes, window insulation, etc.

I got a bunch of assorted items built this week. Mostly pictures to share. Not a whole lot to say. Completed items include the storage box on the trailer tongue side of the house, seen below. I also got boxes built inside the house to cover and insulate around the trailer wheel wells and insulated the gap around all windows and their rough openings with “Great Stuff” spray foam: And most difficult to do all by myself, the overhanging roof above the door and porch. This took some careful measuring and calculations, and then some creative use a ladders, contortionism, […]


The week of windows

This was a big week! Monday night through this afternoon was spent installing all 10 of my beautiful windows. Before saying more, I want to give a big thank you to Christian for all his help during this process. And my dad too. Thanks guys! I started by preparing each sill by nailing down an angled piece of cedar siding, sloping outwards, to shed water away from the house if any water does get into the rough opening around the windows. Next I created the all-important sill flashing with a flexible flashing material made just for this purpose. Each window […]


Wrapped up a like a package

Happy birthday to me! Well, no, it’s not my birthday. But I’m looking at a nice big (er, tiny?) package of awesomeness in front of me that will soon be a house. I’ve adding blocking in between roof rafters on each end of the house and in the center to support the seam in the sheathing pieces above. I’ve got the roof sheathing done. There were some minor issues with the first few pieces not being perfectly square, so there was a bit of cutting to compensate. The end result turned out well. Then with a little help, I got […]


Wall sheathing done! Woo!

It’s been another busy few days! Those of you who follow me on facebook may know that since the last post I already had a good start on the wall sheathing. Well now I’m happy to report that it’s done! Sheathing the walls took a lot more work than I expected. Mostly this is due to my design and the challenges of working almost entirely alone. There was not a single piece of plywood used for sheathing that did not need be cut before putting it up. All pieced along the bottom need notches cut for the trailer brackets that […]


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